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Group training for organisations

Are you a team or group of mental health professionals looking for high-quality and affordable trauma training?

Hi there, I’m Carolyn Spring.

I’m an author, trainer, and trauma survivor. Through my writing and speaking, I help to reverse adversity – in my own life and in the lives of others.

My trauma training occupies a unique space, blending my personal ‘expert-by-experience’ narrative with the latest research, neuroscience and clinical theory. I make the complex simple, and I help professionals working with trauma survivors to apply the theory in a way that is human, empathic, compassionate and real.

Currently over 35,000 people have accessed one or more of my online courses, and that number is growing all the time. My work is followed by over 100,000 people and I aim to offer a powerfully authentic voice to the field of trauma recovery.

Who is my training for?

I have provided training to counselling centres, NHS departments, private hospitals, Rape Crisis, Samaritans, charities, police, probation, GPs, adoption and fostering and social work teams, amongst others.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes access my training, and it is fully scaleable and the best value for money (and we believe the best quality!) in its field.

Discounts for organisations

Usual pricing per course is £45 inc VAT, but to support your work we can offer generous discounts for multiple licences. There’s no set pricing structure as I’m more interested in getting to know how best I can support you as a unique organisation.

Licences have no expiry date and each is valid for one person to access one course. You can mix and match across courses to reach the above quantity discounts, and you can simply purchase a set number of licences and decide as you go along who accesses which course and when – particularly helpful for onboarding new joiners or addressing individual knowledge gaps.

Free trauma resources

In addition to training, we would also be delighted to support your work through the provision of free resources.

This could take the form of psychoeducational PDFs, downloadable articles or a supply of our ‘mantra cards’ – pre-packaged sets of cards which combine inspiring images with trauma-specific affirmations and can either be used to assist during sessions or given away to clients to assist them during flashbacks or triggers.

A final word

Recovery from trauma involves being re-empowered. The voice of the trauma survivor, our experience of trauma, is paramount. There are two people in the therapy room – the therapist and the client. We need to hear from both. Training for professionals, especially trauma training, shouldn’t be solely by professionals. We need to hear too from the client, the survivor, who ought to be at the centre, at the heart, of every session, at the heart of therapeutic thought and theory, and at the heart of therapeutic training.

That is what I offer you through my courses, writing and resources. Please get in touch to talk through how we can help your team today. There is no pushy sales spiel – we simply want to help!

Complete our enquiry form now or schedule an informal chat with our Group Training Coordinator who will be pleased to answer any questions and guide you through the process.

Let us support you to support others.

Available courses

Trauma and the Body: Dissociation and Somatisation - online trauma training by Carolyn Spring

Trauma and the Body: Dissociation and Somatisation Online Training

Dissociation and DID: The Fundamentals- online trauma training by Carolyn Spring

Dissociation and DID: The Fundamentals Online Training

Child Sexual Abuse: Hope for Healing- online trauma training by Carolyn Spring

Child Sexual Abuse: Hope for Healing Online Training

Working with Relational Trauma: Dealing with Disorganised Attachment - online trauma training by Carolyn Spring

Working with Relational Trauma: Dealing with Disorganised Attachment Online Training

Working with dissociative disorders in clinical practice - online trauma training by Carolyn Spring

Working with Dissociative Disorders in Clinical Practice Online Training

Dealing with distress: working with suicide and self-harm - online trauma training by Carolyn Spring

Dealing with Distress: Working with Suicide and Self-Harm Online Training

Working with shame online trauma training by Carolyn Spring

Working with Shame Online Training

Mental Health and the Body online trauma training by Carolyn Spring

Mental Health and the Body: Treating Trauma Online Training

Discuss a group booking

Please get in touch with us to talk through volume discounts and access to free resources so that we can support you to support others.


Group Training FAQs

Can Carolyn deliver courses in person or in house?

Carolyn is not currently available for in-person training. However, by negotiation she may be available for group Zoom sessions as a follow-up to a team or group completing a series of training. Please ask about cost and availability when booking group training.

Yes, the video content can either be streamed from our website or downloaded to a device. Please note, however, that a licence is required for each participant and we still recommend that each user applies the training to their individual learning account on the site in order to obtain their CPD certificate and revisit the lessons as required.

Yes, an invoice is provided once we have agreed upon your training package. Once this has been settled, we will arrange access to your training

Yes, all of our training comes with a CPD certificate that can be downloaded once the course is complete.

Once the invoice has been paid, we will issue you with pre-paid access codes and detailed instructions for rolling out your training, including template text to send to participants and a ‘quick-start guide’ to help them get their training underway as smoothly as possible.

Once purchased, there is no time limit for completion.

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