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Are you a trauma survivor, or do you work with traumatised people?

If so, we want to help you. We have a range of free trauma resources to download – relevant to dissociation, child sexual abuse, suicide and self-harm, dissociative identity disorder, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, and attachment issues.

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what’s available?

Resource posters (All sets) (pdf)

A range of pdf format psychoeducational resource posters by Carolyn Spring. These resources are primarily used within a counselling/psychotherapy setting to help explain concepts to clients in a concise and visual way.

This resource contains the low-ink, printer friendly versions of all our psychoeducational resource posters to enable economical printing and sharing with clients.

Information leaflet for professionals

A useful introduction to Dissociative Identity Disorder for professionals.

Trauma Survivors’ resource guide (PDF)

A free 100-page e-book for trauma survivors who are struggling with flashbacks, triggers and mental health crisis – and for those who work with and support them.

Top 50 books


Handpicked top authors and leading experts, with links and summaries. Free guide!

Three Phase Approach to Treating Trauma

Three Phase approach to treating trauma free resource

When trauma survivors try to talk about what happened to them, often it is triggering and destabilising to do so. The three phase approach to treating trauma takes this into account. Read more about each stage and Carolyn’s own experience in this useful guide.

Managing Triggers

Three Phase approach to treating trauma free resource

Triggers are reminders, conscious or unconscious, of traumatic events from the past. They can be overwhelming, debilitating, disabling – but they can also be guides as to what still needs to be processed. In this extended article, Carolyn explores the neuroscience of triggers and provides insights into not just what goes on in the brain when we are triggered, but crucially what we can do about it.

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