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My books evoke what it's like to experience trauma, and my pathway towards recovery. They're aimed at any human being who has suffered trauma – as well as professionals working with them.

In my writing I uniquely combine the firsthand perspective of a survivor/client along with meticulously researched psychological theory and the latest insights from neuroscience. I make the complex simple. I bring the theory alive. And I provide hope for healing along with the practical steps for how to get there.

Available books

Unshame: healing trauma-based shame through psychotherapy

How do we move from shame to ‘unshame’? Is shame all bad or does it have a purpose and a meaning, and can it actually become our friend?
In this book I disclose my therapy sessions, my life and my mind, and document my journey through psychotherapy to overcome trauma and dissociation.
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Recovery is my best revenge

What is it like to live with dissociative identity disorder? How does the brain respond to chronic, extreme trauma? Is recovery possible from such suffering?
Here I write about my experience of living with trauma-related dissociation and my journey towards recovery.
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I don’t feel real: a brief guide to depersonalisation / derealisation disorder (Kindle)

Depersonalisation/derealisation disorder (DPD) is a surprisingly common response to overwhelming stress or trauma. This short book explains what it is, what causes it, the treatment options, and existing research, alongside illuminating case studies.
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Reader comments

In writing this book Carolyn has given a huge and generous gift to the world. I’ve never read anything like this that lays open the experience of the person in the client’s chair so vividly, plainly, bravely and I’d dare say unashamedly.

Fantastic read. Hugely insightful. One of the best learning tools both on shame and being a therapist. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

This book communicated the magic of the therapeutic relationship in a way no text book can.

I couldn’t put this book down. Highly recommended.

The best book I’ve read in a very long time!

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