Child Sexual Abuse: Hope for Healing Online Training

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This hard-hitting but ultimately hopeful course, delivered by someone with both personal and professional experience of the subject, includes topics not often covered elsewhere.

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“Child sexual abuse is when you’re powerless and betrayed, and you’re all alone and you mustn’t tell, and there’s confusion and pain and deep down inside there’s the fear that it’s all your own fault, that there’s something wrong with you, something terribly and toxically wrong with you, and there’s nowhere to go, and no one to run to, and no way to stop it because you’re small and weak and stupid and if only!!—if only!!—if only you had known, if you only you hadn’t been there, if only you hadn’t said what you’d said, or done what you’d done, or felt what you’d felt…That’s what child sexual abuse is.”

Child sexual abuse has been in the headlines constantly since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke in 2012. But why? Why is it such a big story? Why does it impact the victim so profoundly? What is the ‘transfer of responsibility’ in grooming? How many people are abused, by whom, and why? Is there hope for recovery?

This online training course covers subjects that are rarely mentioned on other training, including the sexual abuse of children by women, and images of abuse. It comes from both a professional and personal perspective, with Carolyn Spring speaking as both as a survivor of organised abuse and incest, and from her experience over 15 years as a foster carer.

This is a hard-hitting, but hope-filled course and is suitable for a wide range of professionals working with survivors, in particular counsellors and psychotherapists, but also people working in adoption and fostering, Rape Crisis, social work, occupational health, education, police, prisons, lawyers and healthcare. Survivors and supporters may also find it useful, although the nature of this topic means that some may find elements of the training difficult.

The speaker is Carolyn Spring.

6 hours of CPD with certificate available on completion.

Lifetime access, so start, stop and repeat the course as often as you like. Materials can be streamed or downloaded. All online courses are priced individually and offer a single-user licence only. Group bookings are available here.