Child Sexual Abuse: Hope for Healing Online Training


Child sexual abuse is traumatic and represents the ultimate betrayal of trust. Working with abuse survivors means rebuilding that shattered trust – and one of the primary things survivors need to know is that professionals ‘get it’. This course provides multiple ‘get it’ moments – profound insights into the experience and impacts of abuse, by someone with both personal and professional experience of the subject. Join us now on a hard-hitting but ultimately hopeful course.

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Being sexually abused as a child is a traumatically lonely experience. During the abuse our attachment system cries out for support, but the only person present is our abuser. This has a profound impact on our ability to trust people, or to reach out for help – which can deeply affect the very therapeutic relationship we need in order to heal. The first step we need as adults in our recovery journey is to be believed – for our experiences to be profoundly understood. We need to be able to bring our experiences into a safe space with someone who treats us with unconditional positive regard, and who can work effectively with the dynamics of trust and betrayal implicit in sexual trauma. We need to know that they ‘get it’.

This course aims to provide that understanding – and it is delivered by someone who has both been sexually abused in childhood and who has worked with abused children. With both personal and professional insights, this course provides an in-depth exploration of why abusers abuse, what the process of grooming and abuse involves and how the impacts of abuse are built largely on the transfer of responsibility from perpetrator to victim. In addition we explore often taboo subjects such as abuse by females and the process and impact of the production of images of abuse. Previous delegates report that it is a profoundly impacting course – hard-hitting but ultimately hopeful.

This is a vital course that will benefit anyone who works therapeutically with either children or adults survivors of abuse, in particular counsellors and psychotherapists, but also people working in adoption and fostering, Rape Crisis, social work, occupational health, education, police, prisons, lawyers and healthcare. Survivors and supporters may also find it useful, although the nature of this topic means that some may find elements of the training triggering.

The speaker is Carolyn Spring.

What you get:

  • 6 hours of CPD with certificate upon completion
  • Lifetime access (return to the course again and again)
  • Start/stop and replay as often as you like
  • Easy to use: only requires a web browser
  • Downloadable resources and further reading for a comprehensive learning experience (includes a new and updated 100-page information pack).

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Learner feedback

“This training has been invaluable in transforming my thinking about childhood sexual abuse.  Carolyn’s calm and methodical delivery carries you through the most disturbing and difficult of material in a way that feels both safe and contained.  The message that recovery is possible is very clear and an enormous and profound relief.”

“The course has been incredibly well constructed. It addresses the issue with the necessary directness and clarity. The segments and ongoing accessibility meant I was able to take breaks to digests, process and ensure my own self-care throughout. Carolyn is a wonderful educator. I feel so much more informed about child sexual abuse which means I feel a greater confidence in how to best support my clients.”

“Working with adults I initially didn’t see this training as relevant. How wrong I was. We were all children once.”

“From the perspective of a survivor and trainee psychotherapist, this course was filled with so much valuable information and you covered so much. What drew me to this course was your message of hope for healing. I have encountered the odd professional who talk about it so clinically whilst you held the entire course consistently with knowledge, research, facts along with respect, tenderness and truth. Thank you so much for sharing your own experience and light. I look forward to taking your other courses.”

“I found this course powerful in understanding how sexual abuse takes place and every lesson gave me a deeper understanding of the impact it can have on clients.”

“Somehow you have managed to tell me about so much, things almost to awful to hear & yet in a way that allowed me to hear! Thank you Carolyn.”

“I feel privileged and honoured to have experienced this training and to have heard of your journey to recovery.  The course was informative, sensitive and hopeful.  I feel more confident to work with survivors of sexual abuse and to offer my support for their journey to recovery.”

“I thought it was really informative, educational and insightful. It challenged some of my views and feelings which will help me grow as a practitioner.”

“I am completely inspired, hearing from someone who has been through sexual abuse but also been through many other aspects, child protection, therapy etc is so insightful. I am a therapist working with adults and children who have experienced sexual abuse, this training has really given me ideas on ways of working and reframing The abuse for the survivors, and knowing that recovery is possible and the survivor can lead a fulfilling life if the right support is given.”


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