Trauma and the Body Online Training


Trauma doesn’t just affect the mind and the emotions. It profoundly affects the brain and the body too. Often ‘the body remembers’ what the mind cannot. Explore the mindbody connection and how trauma manifests physically as well as psychologically.

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Trauma doesn’t just affect the mind and the emotions. It profoundly affects the brain and the body too. Often ‘the body remembers’ what the mind cannot.

Find out:

  • why trauma leads to increased risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes;
  • the difference between implicit and explicit memory and the reason for ‘body memories’
  • why chronic pain is so common after trauma
  • what the ‘Trauma Traffic Light’ is and how it relates to fight, flight and freeze – and recovery from trauma.

Why is it that so many trauma survivors not only suffer from ‘psychological’ disorders such as complex post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dissociative identity disorder (DID) but also from a whole raft of physical issues — chronic pain; frequent or recurrent infections; auto-immune disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome (aka ME), fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis; and difficulty in both connecting with the body and living healthily? The body is often both the medium through which the original trauma was enacted, and the source of ongoing suffering and self-hatred.

This training will explore why, to the best of current scientific knowledge, this happens, and most importantly, what can be done about it. We’ll be looking at the impact of trauma on the body, and how it seems that the body can also be a key to unlocking the psychological issues of trauma.

Feedback from the training day that this is taken from:

“Fantastic training! This was an extremely well put-together course which led to so many ‘light-bulb moments’ for me. Really helpful on both a personal and professional level. I have learned so much and will be telling all my colleagues about it.” – WB

The speaker is Carolyn Spring.

What you get:

  • 6 hours of CPD with certificate upon completion
  • Lifetime access (return to the course again and again)
  • Start/stop and replay as often as you like
  • Easy to use: only requires a web browser
  • Downloadable resources and further reading for a comprehensive learning experience, including an 80-page ‘Additional Information Pack’ (recently updated)

All online courses are priced individually and offer a single-user licence only. Information about group bookings and discounts for organisations is available here.

Learner Feedback

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Although it is set up in bite-sized sections to allow the training to be done in our own time, which is helpful, I found how the topic was presented so interesting that I just wanted to watch one section after the next. Invaluable training for me to gain deeper and deeper understanding of my clients especially from a physiological and neurological perspective.”

“I found the training very interesting with lots of stimulating points for further exploration. Also a very good introduction to the connection between mind and body and the existing research on it. The videos are the perfect length and delivery of the training is clear and stimulating.”

“I thought that this was an excellent course. It is not easy to deliver online training that is so engaging and informative. The breakdown of the overall topic into individual lessons was particularly helpful and allowed me to work at my own pace, manage time dedicated to the training and process the information. Easy to use and navigate. Clarity of information and pace of delivery were conducive to learning. Excellent value for money.”

“Another really good course; I find Carolyn’s ability to express brain science in a way that is clear and easy to understand very helpful.  The course was great value for money and very easy to complete/use.”

“The course was in one word – amazing. I found the pace and delivery method just perfect.”

“Brilliant, this has brought together all of the gaps in my knowledge around trauma, the value for the content was incredible and I feel I’m walking away with a whole new toolbox!”