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Hi there, I’m Carolyn Spring.

I’m an author, trainer, and trauma survivor. Through my writing and speaking, I help to reverse adversity – in my own life and in the lives of others.

Carolyn Spring - author and trauma training

I’ve spent over a decade researching and learning how the brain is impacted by trauma and suffering and how it can process and recover from such suffering. After years believing that I was too damaged to heal, that things would never improve – that I was too ‘mad’ and too ‘bad’ – I began to better understand how trauma impacts the brain and the body, and I began to find some answers. My work is all about making the complex simple so that other people can find the answers too.

I help to bridge that gap between experts and survivors through putting my experience into words and moulding it also into training. And that’s what I offer you on my website, where you will find a tonne of articles and podcasts as well as lots of free downloadable resources.

If you like your information structured, and especially if you’re a professional, then check out my online courses which provide a unique perspective – insights both from the research and clinical literature, and also from real-lived experience.

And last but not least, please check out my books which represent the fulfilment of a childhood dream of becoming a writer, despite everything I had going against me.

So there you have it. That’s me, who I am, what I do, and why I do it. It takes a tribe to heal from trauma, and so please consider becoming part of my tribe.

Let’s reverse adversity, together.

Meet the rest of the team

Luke Cawley

Luke Cawley


My role is always growing and developing with each new week. When I joined the team in September 2017, I was an admin assistant who also helped out on live training days, but my potential was quickly realised and I soon began applying my degree knowledge to develop and improve the digital services that we offer as an organisation. Now my role sees me as a web developer one day, a videographer on another and a sound engineer on others.

Hannah Roussel


I was delighted to join the team in November 2020 to help increase engagement and bring Carolyn’s unique approach to reversing adversity to as wide an audience as possible. I also have the pleasure of helping organisations on the frontline of working with trauma to access Carolyn’s training. Joining Carolyn’s team has been a total joy and I feel uniquely privileged to do my own small bit to help others heal from trauma.

Pepsi the dog



Pepsi is Carolyn’s Miniature Schnauzer – personal bodyguard, walking coach, and faithful friend. She is exquisitely empathic, shows relentless unconditional positive regard, and maintains immaculate confidentiality at all times. She likes paddling in river or the sea at low tide, but doesn’t like getting her head wet. She also enjoys barking at anyone within a 100m radius and spends most of the day whilst Carolyn is working watching for cats, Amazon delivery drivers and spiders from her own sofa by the window.

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