Dissociation and DID: The Fundamentals Online Training


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Based on the course that we ran successfully throughout the UK, this online training course includes the presentation as a video of the Powerpoint slides running alongside the audio recording. This may be viewed or listened to on your PC, Mac, laptop, phone or tablet. Content may either be streamed or downloaded and is available to watch as many as times as you like, for as long as you like.


Dissociation is a normal response to trauma, and this online course will cover a range of issues fundamental to understanding this phenomenon and how it presents in trauma survivors’ lives:

  • What is dissociation?
  • Why does it occur?
  • How does it manifest?
  • When does it lead to a dissociative disorder?
  • What are depersonalisation and derealisation?
  • Are dissociative disorders for real?
  • How do you support someone who suffers from trauma-related dissociation?
  • How do you recover?
  • What is it like to be dissociative?

These, and many other questions, will be answered in this detailed, informative course, which is suitable for professionals, survivors and supporters.

The speaker is Carolyn Spring.

6 hours of CPD with certificate available on completion.

Lifetime access, so start, stop and repeat the course as often as you like. Materials can be streamed or downloaded.