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about your free Emotional Resource Guide

Life after trauma is often charactised by triggers, flashbacks and oscillating states of emotional distress. These are natural consequences of the effects of trauma on the brain, but people suffering them can feel as if they are either ‘mad’ or deficient in some way. The simple reality is that trauma is traumatising!

Now in its second edition with additional content, this essential Resource Guide brings together a number of articles and concepts which are designed to help people learn how to take back control over their traumatised emotional and bodily states.

It’s a lifebelt for people who experience frequent debilitating, even life-threatening distress, and also a resource for professionals working with this client group.

A hard copy version is available via Amazon here.

Articles include:

  • Coping with Crisis
  • Managing Triggers
  • Managing Flashbacks
  • The Trauma Traffic Light
  • The Window of Tolerance
  • In Case of Emergency cards – free templates
  • Alphabet of Emotions
  • Understanding the Mental Health Act
  • Three types of trigger … three techniques for taming
  • How to calm down
  • How I manage my mental health

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