Online training troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing some difficulties accessing and completing any of the online training courses, please watch the video below in which Carolyn goes over some of the most encountered difficulties. 

Additionally, you can scroll down to read the points and solutions from the video.

I’ve bought a course, but I can’t find it or see it in my online account

Firstly, check that you’re logged in to the site. You can do this several ways. You can simply go to the login page – either by finding the link in the menu or at the bottom of the page. Or if you go to ‘My account’ then it will show you if you’re logged in, or invite you to. Then go to ‘My online courses’ and you should see the courses that you’ve purchased right there.If you’re definitely logged in but under ‘My online courses’ it’s blank, it could be that you’ve got more than one user account, and you purchased the courses under another one. You can try logging in using a different email address if you have one, or if you’re not sure about this then just get in touch with us and we’ll sort it out for you.

It’s saying that I need to buy the course again but I already have

Almost always, the problem here is that you’re not logged in. So try logging in, and it should be there. If it’s not, again it could be that you have multiple user accounts: sometimes people buy the course under one email address and then log in under another. If you’re already logged in and you only have one email address, try logging out and logging back in again. If you get stuck, simply get in touch and we’ll resolve this for you.

I get to a certain point and I can’t progress

At the end of every session, towards the bottom of the page beneath the page content, there’s an orange button that says, ‘Complete Lesson’. Make sure you click on this before going to the next session. This marks that section as complete, which is essential so that the system knows you’ve completed the whole course before issuing your certificate at the end.

I’ve got to the end of the course and marked everything as complete but I can’t see my certificate.

Sometimes the certificate takes a short while to display. This is called a caching issue and it allows the website to load more quickly, but the pay-off for that is that sometimes it takes just a little while for the system to recognise that you’ve finished the course and to generate the certificate. You can simply just try again later, or to speed things up you can try logging out and logging back in again. If you’ve tried these steps and continue to have problems, just get in touch with us and we’ll help out. But don’t worry – you’ll definitely get your certificate.

I can’t hear the videos

Usually the problem here is that you’ve got the audio on your device muted, or it’s not set to play through your speakers. The audio definitely works on the video, so this is always a local issue with your gadgets. Try playing a video on YouTube or a similar site to make sure your audio is working, and then try again.

The videos are laggy or buffering

The videos are delivered to your gadgets via Vimeo, a major video streaming service, which 99.99% of the time delivers without any problems. So almost always the problem is with your internet speed. Vimeo does a clever thing of delivering the videos at a lower quality – lower resolution – if it detects that your connection is struggling, so most of the time they will still work, but occasionally if you have a really poor connection they will buffer or be a bit laggy.
Check that you’re not sharing bandwidth with lots of other people in the household – it might be that there’s more than one of you trying to stream, and if your internet connection is slow you might have to take it in turns. But the other thing to do here is just to wait a few moments, or reload the page.

If you’re still struggling, then we’d recommend downloading the video. You can then save a copy of the video onto your computer or gadget, which can happen at whatever speed you connect at, and then when you play it it’ll run at full speed. By the way, if you want to check your internet speed, there’s a really good and free speed checker at

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