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Unshame: healing trauma-based shame through psychotherapy

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Trauma and shame go hand-in-hand and for years both destroyed my life. In this book I document my journey through psychotherapy to overcome trauma-based shame. It’s a must-read for all counsellors, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals, as well as clients and survivors.

“Incredible – What an incredible book. I feel it should be mandatory reading for every therapist seeking to support people dealing with trauma. My understanding has been massively broadened. It gives practical insight into how to be with someone traumatised. Thank you to the writer. So inspirational and brave.”

“Authentic, resonant, inspirational – A brilliantly documented insight into the mind of a person who is struggling to come to terms with childhood abuse. The courage of both therapist and client, the hope and victory over adversity, shine out of every page. A genuinely vital document.”

“Great book – Read this inspiring book a few months ago and bought another copy to gift to someone else. The most helpful and insightful book on how to help someone who has experienced trauma I have ever read.”

“Deeply therapeutic – Carolyn Spring uncovers shame and its workings very gently, holding the shamed heart tenderly and with respect. A deeply therapeutic and healing experience to read this book and being taken on a journey to uncover shame and discovering hope, self worth and a way out from under. Thank you so much for this fantastic book.”

“Awesome – People you need to read this book! A fantastic insight into trauma shame and the therapy room. The honesty of this book hits you straight in the heart.”

“Raw and Real – My therapist introduced me to Carolyn Spring, and I’m so glad she did. In ‘Unshame’, Carolyn shares her experiences; highlighting the pain of trauma and the complexity of recovery. Her vulnerability and openness invites you to relate to her thought processes and apply the recovery practices to yourself. She also offers honest hope for recovery from trauma.”

“Beautiful book – I’ve never read anything like this that lays open the experience of the person in the client’s chair so vividly, plainly, bravely and I’d dare say unashamedly. With particular attention paid to dissociation and what did and really didn’t work for Carolyn in supporting her. It is quite incredible.”

“Excellent – Brilliant book, easy to read and packed full of thought provoking ideas. I’ve learnt so much and I’ve already changed my practice as a result of reading this book. Carolyn takes you on a gentle journey of discovery.”

“Captivating – I was captivated by this book. I’m amazed by how Carolyn so clearly explains such difficult subject matter and ultimately this is a story of hope that I believe will help many people.”

“Essential reading for working with trauma – I cannot praise this book enough. I am 3 years into my psychotherapy training and also work in my job with clients who have experienced trauma and abuse. I have read several books on this area but none of them has been as profoundly enlightening as Unshamed. Perhaps the main strength of the book is that it is written through the eyes of the client. This enabled me as the therapist to experience, very deeply, the moment-by-moment thoughts and feelings of the client within a session. It has hugely deepened my understanding of the effects of trauma and of what is needed to help traumatised clients to heal. It has also deepened my compassion. I feel every therapist should read this. Extremely grateful for this book.”

This is my second book and in it I document my journey through psychotherapy to heal and resolve trauma-based shame, which had resulted in a catastrophic mental breakdown in my thirties and an eventual diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder (DID). I embarked on a nearly ten year journey of psychotherapy through which I came to realise that shame had actually saved my life. However, the cost to this protective function was a life lived dissociated from feelings of joy, connection, love and belonging.

In this book I explore my pathway towards ‘Unshame’ using dramatised therapy sessions between me and some of the therapists I’ve worked with. I’ve aimed the book at both professionals and survivors and have tried to provide a fascinating insight into that most private and mysterious of places – the therapy room, and the mind.

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Publisher: Carolyn Spring Publishing
ISBN: 978-1999864613
Pages: 202

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