Unshame: healing trauma-based shame through psychotherapy


How do we move from shame to ‘unshame’? This book by Carolyn Spring documents her journey through psychotherapy to overcome trauma and dissociation: a must-read for all counsellors, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals, as well as clients and survivors.

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Unshame: healing trauma-based shame through psychotherapy

by Carolyn Spring

A book for psychotherapists and their clients – and for anyone who wants to make the journey from shame to unshame.

Carolyn Spring, author of Recovery is my best revenge: my experience of trauma, abuse and dissociative identity disorder, documents in this, her second book, her journey through psychotherapy to heal and resolve trauma-based shame, which had resulted in a catastrophic mental breakdown in her early thirties and an eventual diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder (DID). She then embarked on a nearly ten year journey of psychotherapy through which she came to realise that shame had actually saved her life. However, the cost to this protective function is a life lived dissociated from feelings of joy, connection, love and belonging.

This book explores Carolyn’s pathway towards ‘Unshame’ using dramatised therapy sessions between Carolyn and her therapist. Suitable for both professionals and survivors alike, it is a fascinating insight into that most private and mysterious of places – the therapy room, and the mind.

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