Resource Posters (Set of 24 posters)


This newly updated set of 24 psychoeducational posters (previously 20) covers a range of topics and were developed to run alongside the numerous training days Carolyn has been running since 2010 (many of which are now online). Printed on thick laminated card, they are ideal for use both within a therapeutic or support setting, as well as acting as handy reminders of key concepts around trauma.

As well as receiving the printed versions, at the point of purchase you will also receive digital (PDF) versions of all 24 posters.

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Digital copies are now available to download with every purchase

This is a pack of 24 A4 psychoeducational resource posters. They cover:

  • Three strategies for grounding
  • Front and back brain
  • The trauma traffic light
  • The trauma traffic light meets the window of tolerance
  • Trauma, symptoms and disorders
  • What happens at the moment of trauma?
  • The brain on trauma
  • Grounding: getting back in the body
  • The trauma vicious cycle
  • Defensive response cycle
  • How trauma leads to DID
  • Flashbacks
  • Alphabet of emotions
  • Spectrum of responses to DID
  • Recovery triangle: How to become an emotional¬†athlete
  • Risk of suicide/self-harm
  • The virtuous cycle of soothing
  • The vicious cycle of self-harm
  • Three parts of the brain: Impairments during the ‘suicidal mode’
  • Front/back brain and the trauma traffic light

New posters just added:

  • Safety kit: Emotional thermometer
  • The great exchange
  • Body sensation words
  • Emergency box

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