Guide for Therapists: A Three Phase Approach To Trauma Treatment (PDF)


A nearly 50-page PDF booklet on the Three Phase Approach to Treating Trauma, which explains a staged approach to working with trauma survivors and which takes into account the need for safety and stabilisation before processing traumatic material. Read more about what each stage entails and my own experience in this comprehensive booklet.

Treating complex trauma is not straightforward – we certainly can’t just dive straight into the narrative or as survivors we risk being triggered and overwhelmed. But neither can we avoid processing traumatic material forever, so what’s the answer? According to the consensus of experts, the answer lies in a phased approach, building the blocks of safety and stabilisation first, before delving into processing the trauma second and then finally integrating these experiences into future living. And in this nearly 50-page booklet I explain in depth what it involves, along with personal narrative of my experience of it.

It’s particularly useful for therapists working with clients with a history of complex trauma, but I firmly believe that knowledge is power, and so it should also come in helpful for trauma survivors as well – to see what the roadmap is for the journey ahead.

This is a full copy of the ‘Three Phase Treatment Approach’ booklet as a PDF.

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