Emotional Thermometer (Poster)


How safe are we feeling? What does that look like on a scale of 0-100 degrees? And what can we then do to manage our feelings, and perhaps reduce the temperature?

That’s the concept behind this ‘Emotional Thermometer’ poster.

Includes a blank template so that you can fill in your own ideas of what heightened emotions look like uniquely to you, and your own coping strategies for them.

This is a free downloadable PDF.

Page 1 is a full-colour poster.

Page 2 is a low-ink, print-friendly version.

Page 3 is a blank template.

After trauma, it is normal for our emotions to be dysregulated. Sometimes they become so ‘hot’ that they become dangerous, and once they’re activated it can be difficult to manage them.

This ‘Emotional Thermometer’ invites us to consider what our emotions look like when activated, and to plan in advance for actions that will help to turn the temperature down on them  be

This resource comes from the ‘Trauma Survivors’ Resource Guide‘ alongside numerous others, but is available here as a handy standalone poster.

There is both a full-colour and low-ink print-friendly version, as well as a blank template which can be used to create your own unique-to-you resource.

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