Coronavirus Trauma Dynamics (Poster)


During the pandemic we lived through a time of collective trauma, which activated fresh trauma as well as reactivating latent trauma for so many survivors.

This psychoeducational poster was developed as part of our webinar ‘Working with trauma in a time of trauma’ and provides a summary of the trauma dynamics inherent in the recent pandemic, and how to avoid traumatisation.

This is a free downloadable PDF.

Page 1 is a full-colour poster.

Page 2 is a low-ink, print-friendly version.

The world has been turned upside down since the Covid pandemic took hold early in 2020. A chronic threat to life that for a long time rendered us both powerless and isolated, the trauma dynamics inherent in the pandemic were felt by many.

In this poster, developed as part of Webinar #1 ‘Working with trauma in a time of trauma’ I detail six key areas of trauma:

  • threat to life
  • lack of safety
  • powerlessness
  • disrupted social engagement system (disconnection)
  • disrupted nervous system (dysregulation)
  • disrupted meaning making (disintegration).

I then look at what we can do in each of these six areas to avoid traumatisation.

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