Webinar 1: ‘Working with trauma in a time of trauma’


How can we help survivors of trauma recover from trauma even in a time of collective trauma?

That’s the focus of this first one-hour-long webinar, now available with instant and lifetime access. It is accompanied by a nearly 90-minute follow-up Q&A video and numerous downloadable resources.

Join Carolyn as she explains the trauma dynamics inherent in the current coronavirus crisis, how we can apply principles of trauma recovery to navigate it, and continue to help support survivors of trauma safely even in these unprecedented times.

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Part 1 of our webinar series ‘Working with Trauma’ begins with a high-altitude look at how we help support survivors of trauma when the world itself is going through a time of trauma. The aim is to provide a supportive, safe and stabilising space in which we can explore how the current coronavirus crisis is affecting both professionals and survivors alike, how we can reregulate and reintegrate, and how we can continue to work safely with trauma even in a time of trauma.

In this first episode, Carolyn provides a framework for understanding trauma, past and present, and how it relates to the current situation:

  • What are the dynamics of trauma and how are they currently playing out?
  • In what ways have we been kicked out of the green zone (safety, neuroception, social engagement, front brain) into a mobilised response of amber, or an immobilised response of red?
  • How can we support existing survivors of trauma through these times when normal coping mechanisms and support services are severely restricted?
  • How is the current crisis providing a mirror and a model of disorganised attachment?
  • What principles of trauma recovery can we apply to help us develop a roadmap for the way forwards, even in these uncharted territories?

This first webinar episode takes a ‘high-altitude’ look at principles of trauma work, before swooping lower in subsequent episodes for a close-up view of specific issues and challenges that arise through the work.

This is part of a series looking at ‘Working with Trauma’ – covering a vast array of subjects, in a way which communicates complex theory simply, and which is immediately applicable to work in your very next session.

The webinars are aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and all other mental health professionals (including trainees), or anyone working with survivors of trauma. They may also be of interest and relevance to survivors of trauma themselves.

The webinar is available permanently – lifetime access – in your online account, along with handouts and any resources referenced during the talk. It will be a focused, concentrated hour with no flannel or waffle so that you can make the most of your time, but will also provide opportunities for follow-up reading and resources for those who want to go further.

CPD certificate for one hour also available upon attendance. The webinar is simple to access: no downloads needed – takes place via a web browser.

Please join us in this exciting new venture as we work together to help reverse adversity in people’s lives!

All online courses are priced individually and offer a single-user licence only. Information about group bookings and discounts for organisations is available here.