Webinar 1: 'Working with trauma in a time of trauma'

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How can we help survivors of trauma recover from trauma even in a time of collective trauma? What are the dynamics of trauma that play out in all of our lives when faced with threat, and how can we manage our responses and those of our clients using the trauma traffic light model?

This is the focus of this webinar where I present a human, compassionate and empathic response to trauma recovery, with a blend of insights both from personal experience and from the clinical literature and neuroscience research.

“Carolyn’s approach is fantastic: she makes complex topics understandable and easy to access. It was great to not only think about clients in the context of trauma in times of trauma but my own personal recovery journey from trauma. It helped provoke a lot of thought which my colleague and I (who watched together) found ourselves reflecting upon and exploring further.”

“It’s so useful to hear Carolyn talking in easily understandable terms about trauma and our responses to trauma and what we can do to help ourselves and others. It’s also an easily digestible format and I enjoyed the diversity of questions in the Q&A as well as the content of the webinar. The analogies and diagrams/handouts are SUPER helpful.”

“I really like the way in which Carolyn communicates, it is a balance of understanding, knowledge and care. I don’t feel patronised by anything she says, like I should already know it, but rather I feel glad for now knowing and grateful to listen.”

“I really like the way Carolyn delivers her training; she has a natural ability to engage the listener; while offering an interesting narrative to explain the key points to consider when working with trauma during this difficult time through the pandemic. “

“Really good, pragmatic, authentic, compassionate, honest, and wise.  I found this webinar engaging, thought-provoking, and easy listening, no boredom or nodding off, which normally hits at some stage watching online!  Very good Q and A.  Really looking forward to starting Webinar 2. Thank you.”

“WOW!! I enjoyed everything about this webinar and found many aspects of it relatable to my own journey. I adore Carolyn’s way of speaking – it is so natural and comes with such heart and realness, the human element really struck me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and resources.”

“Great pace and content which really helped me to think about how living with trauma during a pandemic might feel, and how I can walk alongside someone during these difficult times. Some really useful takeaways, thank you!”

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‘Working with trauma in a time of trauma’ begins with a high-altitude look at how we help support survivors of trauma when the world itself is going through a time of trauma and lays a foundation for all trauma work at all times with all people. The aim is to provide a supportive, safe and stabilising space in which we can explore how the coronavirus crisis (as a type of all survival threat) has affected both professionals and survivors alike. I look at how we can reregulate and reintegrate (two important stages in the defensive response to trauma and which most importantly need to happen in the right sequence), and how we can continue to work safely with trauma even in a time of trauma.

In this first episode of the ‘Working with Trauma’ webinar series, I provide a framework for understanding trauma, past and present, based on evolutionary neurobiology, and map out how it relates to the current situation:

  • What are the dynamics of trauma and how are they currently playing out?
  • In what ways have we been kicked out of the green zone (safety, neuroception, social engagement, front brain) into a mobilised response of amber, or an immobilised response of red?
  • How can we support existing survivors of trauma through these times when normal coping mechanisms and support services are severely restricted?
  • How is the pandemic crisis providing a mirror and a model of disorganised attachment?
  • What principles of trauma recovery can we apply to help us develop a roadmap for the way forwards, even in these uncharted territories?

These on-demand webinars are aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and all other mental health professionals (including trainees), or anyone working with survivors of trauma. They may also be of interest and relevance to survivors of trauma themselves.

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