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This training builds on previous courses by Carolyn Spring but presents fresh insights into working with clients who have a history of repeated childhood trauma and/or are presenting with chronic dissociative symptoms and/or a dissociative disorder. Often referred to as ‘complex’ by the polite and ‘difficult’, ‘challenging’, ‘revolving-door’ and ‘borderline’ by the less polite, these clients do present many challenges, but their behaviours and symptoms are entirely logical in the light of their early life history, and this course will help to shed light on how to work effectively with them in order to progress towards recovery – a life that is no longer dominated by trauma responses.

Try the free taster for the online training course ‘Working with Dissociative Disorders in Clinical Practice’ from Carolyn Spring!

When you activate this training, you receive access to the first session of the complete course, ‘Working with Dissociative Disorders in Clinical Practice’, as well as additional content to accompany the first session.

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