Webinar 3: ‘Working with trauma triggers and flashbacks’


How we do help survivors of trauma deal with and even resolve triggers and flashbacks? Why do they occur, what purpose do they serve, and what can be done about them?

Join Carolyn as she looks at the nature and purpose of flashbacks and how to deal with triggers.

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Some of the most debilitating consequences of trauma are symptoms such as flashbacks – the raw, unmetabolised, unprocessed and implicit fingerprints of traumatic experiences. They can be sudden, overwhelming, disorienting – and they can also be subtle, non-visual and purely emotional or even somatic. But why do they happen? How do we resolve them? What ‘triggers’ them, and what should our approach to these triggers be? Should we avoid them? Should we welcome them? Should we warn others of them?

And how do we work with trauma when talking about trauma is so often destabilising – leading to an increase in flashbacks, a reliving of the abuse, and affective flooding? What is grounding, and why is it so often not effective – and can it even be unhelpful?

In this, the third webinar in the series ‘Working with Trauma’, Carolyn will delve into this most complex of subjects and see how we can steer a balanced course between the need for narrative and the need for stabilisation – and how to live free of flashbacks and triggers after trauma.

This webinar will consist of a one-hour, content-packed presentation followed by a subsequent optional Q&A video answering questions from the audience. There will also be numerous other resources, including psychoeducational posters etc to use with clients, lifetime access, full transcript and MP3 audio for future reference, and a CPD certificate.

The webinar is available on-demand.

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