Resource Posters (Set of 20 posters)


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This is a pack of 20 A4 resource posters combining sets 1, 2, and 3 that can be used for grounding or psychoeducational purposes. They cover:

  • Three strategies for grounding
  • Front and back brain
  • The trauma traffic light
  • The trauma traffic light meets the window of tolerance
  • Trauma, symptoms and disorders
  • What happens at the moment of trauma?
  • The brain on trauma
  • Grounding: getting back in the body
  • The trauma vicious cycle
  • Defensive response cycle
  • How trauma leads to DID
  • Flashbacks
  • Alphabet of emotions
  • Spectrum of responses to DID
  • Recovery triangle: How to become an emotional¬†athlete
  • Risk of suicide/self-harm
  • The virtuous cycle of soothing
  • The vicious cycle of self-harm
  • Three parts of the brain: Impairments during the ‘suicidal mode’
  • Front/back brain and the trauma traffic light

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