Child Sexual Abuse: Hope for Healing – Group Training Pack


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Are you looking for CPD training for your team to do together – at your own pace and place? Are you a survivor group looking for psychoeducational resources?  Are you an NHS department wanting to provide introductory training for your team?

We might have the answer.

Our training course ‘Child Sexual Abuse: Hope for Healing’ was originally a live day and has since been converted to an online course. However, it is now also available as an offline Trainer’s Pack for delivery in-house.

This pack contains everything you need for someone to pick up and deliver in-house, with audio-visual recordings, and resources including PowerPoint handouts, buzz group questions, suggested timings and additional reading all packaged conveniently and ready to go. It doesn’t even require an internet connection and instructions are provided for delivering it via laptop, projector and even just via CDs.

This is an ideal resource for groups and organisations such as counselling centres, Rape Crisis centres, NHS departments, social work teams, adoption and fostering, police and probation, and peer support groups. It can be used multiple times with groups from 3-30 . Blank CPD certificates are also included in the pack for the organiser to complete and hand out.

The training is aimed at both professionals and survivors alike and can be delivered in a range of settings – to anyone who would benefit from understanding more about trauma, dissociation and DID.

Included in the pack is:

  • 1 x Trainer’s Manual
  • 5 x Child Sexual Abuse Resource Guide
  • 1 x Dissociation Resource Guide
  • 1 x Dissociation and DID: The Fundamantals – Additional information book
  • 1 x Trauma Dissociation and Recovery – Additional Information book
  • 2 x back issues of ‘Multiple Parts’
  • 5 x Information for Professionals leaflets
  • 1 x PowerPoint Handout
  • 1 x Buzzgroup worksheet
  • 1 x Deliver us from Evil DVD
  • 20 x Blank Certificates
  • Memory Stick, which contains:
    • 8 Lesson videos
    • 8 Lesson audio tracks
    • Digital copies of the DID Additional Information Pack, Buzzgroup Workbook and Presentation Handouts (regular and large print)
    • Digital copies of all additional reading articles referenced in the trainer manual
  • 5 x Audio CD’s containing all 8 audio tracks

6 hours of CPD with certificate available on completion.


“Child sexual abuse is when you’re powerless and betrayed, and you’re all alone and you mustn’t tell, and there’s confusion and pain and deep down inside there’s the fear that it’s all your own fault, that there’s something wrong with you, something terribly and toxically wrong with you, and there’s nowhere to go, and no one to run to, and no way to stop it because you’re small and weak and stupid and if only!!—if only!!—if only you had known, if you only you hadn’t been there, if only you hadn’t said what you’d said, or done what you’d done, or felt what you’d felt…That’s what child sexual abuse is.”

Child sexual abuse has been in the headlines constantly since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke in 2012. But why? Why is it such a big story? Why does it impact the victim so profoundly? What is the ‘transfer of responsibility’ in grooming? How many people are abused, by whom, and why? Is there hope for recovery?

This training covers subjects that are rarely mentioned on other training, including the sexual abuse of children by women, and images of abuse. It comes from both a professional and personal perspective, with Carolyn Spring speaking as both as a survivor of organised abuse and incest, and from her experience over 15 years as a foster carer.

This is a hard-hitting, but hope-filled course and is suitable for a wide range of professionals working with survivors, in particular counsellors and psychotherapists, but also people working in adoption and fostering, Rape Crisis, social work, occupational health, education, police, prisons, lawyers and healthcare. Survivors and supporters may also find it useful, although the nature of this topic means that some may find elements of the training difficult.


You can purchase this pack online (here) via credit/debit card or PayPal. Alternatively, get in touch with us on 01480 878409 or to request an invoice for your organisation.