A Stuckness Checklist (Poster)


One of the biggest issues in working with trauma is when as survivors we become or we feel ‘stuck’. Very often we blame ourselves. But stuckness and trauma are not accidental bed-fellows. Instead, they are two sides of the same coin. But we can become stuck thinking about our stuckness.

This poster provides a series of questions and prompts either for individual use or within a therapeutic context for considering what that stuckness looks like and how to shift it.

This is a free downloadable PDF.

Page 1 is a full-colour poster.

Page 2 is a low-ink, print-friendly version.

Trauma and stuckness go hand-in-hand: we easily become stuck in recovering from trauma, because neurobiologically trauma leads to the red zone of freeze which can hold us stuck.

This poster was developed for Webinar 2: ‘Working with trauma that has become stuck’ and provides some prompts and questions to explore trauma-related stuckness. These questions could be used within a therapy session or by survivors on their own as journal prompts, to help put words and concepts to the feeling of stuckness that is so often endemic to trauma.

Questions include:

  • What would it look like to not be stuck?
  • What patterns of stuckness are there, of repeating dynamics in your life?
  • What do people who aren’t stuck do?
  • What does the stuckness look like and feel like?
  • What are the consequences of remaining stuck?

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