Three areas of focus for recovery from trauma

by | 26 October 2018 | 5 comments

Recovery from trauma can be a long, hard road. But it’s not an impossible road. It helps if you know where you’re going and how to get there. In this video, Carolyn breaks it down into three main areas of focus: dealing with our trauma responses, progressing our interrupted development, and resolving our attachment difficulties.

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD):


  1. Jay Keep

    Thanks Carolyn
    Valuable info for a newby therapist

  2. Ness

    I am attempting recovery having been in mental health system for over 25 years misdiagnosed and wholly misunderstood. Currently fighting for my life as malnourishment threatens my life (Anorexia). Can I secure appropriate treatment pathway in order for me to “recover” a life for the first time? (as someone supposedly suffering from BPD and an eating disorder, the latter of which is a predominant part of my self, my existence for over 35 years). I have now been actively engaged with a private counsellor outside of NHS, as NHS are unable to even adequately appreciate my situation let alone acknowledge. Thank you for PODS and this. This had been pivotal to helping me. I can not begin to thank you enough for this and the wealth of info provided. You inspire me. Sincerely, warm wishes

  3. Christine G

    Great to see you on film Carolyn! You’re such an inspiration and have a superbly articulate way of conveying the impacts of trauma and the steps necessary for recovery. I’m a recovered survivor and now a therapist, attending your trainings has transformed my practice. Your insights are a blessing. Thank you! 🙏

  4. Wisp

    You speak into my situation. It is painful. But… gives me hope.

  5. Sunny

    Thank you for your wisdom. I know it was hard-won, and that makes it even more valuable


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