‘Working with Trauma’ webinar series

Webinar 1: ‘Working with trauma in a time of trauma’

How can we help survivors of trauma recover from trauma even in a time of collective trauma?

That’s the focus of this first one-hour-long webinar, now available with instant and lifetime access. It is accompanied by a nearly 90-minute follow-up Q&A video and numerous downloadable resources.

Join Carolyn as she explains the trauma dynamics inherent in the current coronavirus crisis, how we can apply principles of trauma recovery to navigate it, and continue to help support survivors of trauma safely even in these unprecedented times.

Concessions are available here


Webinar 2: ‘Working with trauma that has become stuck’

How do we help survivors of trauma get unstuck from the debilitating symptoms of trauma, which sometimes hold them in a vice-grip of powerlessness, hopelessness and despair?

That’s the focus of this second one-hour-long webinar, available on-demand.

Join Carolyn as she looks at the neurobiological underpinnings of stuckness and how we can help survivors of trauma be empowered to move safely beyond suffering.

Concessions are available here


Webinar 3: ‘Working with trauma triggers and flashbacks’

How we do help survivors of trauma deal with and even resolve triggers and flashbacks? Why do they occur, what purpose do they serve, and what can be done about them?

Join Carolyn as she looks at the nature and purpose of flashbacks and how to deal with triggers.

Concessions are available here


Webinar 4: ‘Working with trauma memories’

Do we need to remember our trauma in order to recover from it? Do we have to talk about it, or is it best not to, to avoid being retraumatised? What about traumatic or dissociative amnesia? How do you heal if you can’t even properly remember what happened?

Join Carolyn as she looks at how to process and metabolise traumatic memory safely and effectively, and how to resolve the ‘corruption of memory’ that being traumatised represents.

Concessions are available here


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