Set of 14 Resource Posters (Sets 1&2 Combined)


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This is a combined pack of 14 trauma resource posters, which can be used for grounding or psychoeducational purposes. These A4 posters cover:

Set One:

  • Three Strategies for Grounding
  • Front and Back Brain
  • The Trauma Traffic Light
  • The Trauma Traffic Light Meets the Window of Tolerance
  • Trauma, Symptoms and Disorders
  • What Happens at the Moment of Trauma?
  • The Brain on Trauma

Set Two:

  • Grounding: Getting Back in the Body
  • The Trauma Vicious Cycle
  • Defensive Response Cycle
  • How Trauma Leads to DID
  • Flashbacks
  • Alphabet of Emotions
  • Spectrum of Responses to DID

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