Playing from a Laptop

The training is accessed through a USB stick  Once you insert this into your PC, it should automatically bring up a front screen. If it doesn’t do this, open File Manager and navigate to the USB stick (sometimes E:/, F:/ or G:/ etc, depending on how many storage devices you have) and double click on the file named PC Launch (for PC) or Macintosh Launch (for Mac).

The front screen shows the main areas: Training Videos and Resources. To view the presentation, select the Training Videos. You will then be able to select the video file for the lesson you wish to view.

You will probably have some form of video-playing app on your laptop, but if not then one of the best free players is called VLC Player and can be downloaded at:

In a group setting you may wish to use a laptop connected to a large display or projector. You can find a simple tutorial on how to connect a laptop to a projector at

You may want to connect some speakers to your laptop in order to ensure that everyone can hear properly.  These can either be connected using a 3.5mm jack cable (male to male), for example, or via Bluetooth if both your laptop and the speakers are Bluetooth-compatible.

If using a cable, put one end into the green audio socket usually found on the side of your laptop, and the other end into the speakers, into a socket sometimes marked ‘AUX’.

If using Bluetooth, there’s a handy guide at

You can buy relatively cheap speakers that can be connected both with a cable and via Bluetooth and that should deliver sufficient volume for a small group, for example:

Make sure you turn the volume up on your laptop to maximum.


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