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Dealing with Dysregulation: Taming Trauma Symptoms

New course launching early 2023

New course 'Dealing with Dysregulation: Taming Trauma Symptoms' coming soon

How do we tame trauma symptoms?

The symptoms of trauma are varied and numerous, but they all spring from one fundamental fact: a nervous system that, in response to overwhelming threat, has become dysregulated (too much or too little) and cannot return to baseline – to what I call the ‘green zone’.

In a hyperaroused (amber zone) response, we are anxious, panicky, driven, irritable, stressed out: fight or flight. We are easily triggered and may battle with persistent, debilitating flashbacks.

In a hypoaroused (red zone) response, we are dissociated, depressed, depleted, ashamed: freeze. We may struggle to feel, even to feel real, or to remember, with all the stuckness that can result from traumatic amnesia.

The nervous system is thus primed ready to react to a threat that may be real – but which equally may be decades out of date. Without being able to tag the traumatic memory as ‘over’, we are left reactive and in a place of profound suffering.

So how do we alleviate this suffering? How do we re-regulate a traumatised nervous system and thereby tame so many of our trauma symptoms? How do we deal with triggers, flashbacks and intense states of distress, as well as the risk associated with such dysregulation? And how does that all fit into an overall roadmap for trauma recovery?

That’s what I’m going to be looking at in this new course, ‘Dealing with Dysregulation: Taming Trauma Symptoms’, coming soon.

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