Webinar #3: Working with trauma triggers and flashbacks

Welcome to my webinar series ‘Working with Trauma’. These webinars are available to view immediately, just like the online courses. They consist of a 60-90 minute video presentation and then there is a follow-up Q&A video where I answer questions that were asked when we first launched the webinars.


This episode is ‘Working with trauma triggers and flashbacks’ and it is episode 3 in a four-part series.

Please download your PowerPoint handouts here before starting so that you can easily make notes if you would like to.

After the presentation and Q&A videos there are links to the other resources, which include downloadable posters, a transcript, and both video and audio downloads.

On completing the webinar, you’ll also be able to download your certificate.

Webinar #3: Working with trauma triggers and flashbacks - online trauma training by Carolyn Spring


NB: If you need any help with the technical side of things, please try our online training troubleshooting page. If you have any difficulty accessing the content, please also make sure you’re logged in.


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