Last updated: 31/03/2020


We have switched all our live events until July 2020 to online delivery.

Emails, delegate packs and instructions have been sent to all delegates. 

Please consider supporting our work.

Due to the current lock-down situation and the uncertainty about when we are likely to come out the other side of the global health emergency, we have made the regrettable – but we think understandable – decision to change the format of our upcoming events between now and the end of July 2020. Instead of delivering them as live events, attended in person in a group context, we will now be delivering them remotely (online) and will include additional features such as regular Q&A videos to complement them, alongside other measure that we are exploring to allow us all to connect together. We actually intend to provide greater value by doing so, although it is regrettable that we will all miss the personal interaction required by these social distancing measures.

Emails have been sent to all delegates detailing the plans. Additionally delegate packs and joining instructions have all now been dispatched for courses between now and the summer.  If you have any questions about this, please drop us an email. However, please be patient. As you will appreciate, we are somewhat overstretched at the moment, dealing with a lot of enquiries and with only a skeleton staff as well as some work-from-home measures in place.

We started the year by offering free access to our new course ‘Dealing with Distress: Working with Suicide and Self-Harm’. This has been taken up by over 11000 people to date (in under 3 months). We are now asking for our customers and clients to respond in turn with generosity towards us in these incredibly testing times. As an organisation we are in an extremely precarious situation with a drop of over 90% in weekly revenue recently, resulting in one enforced redundancy already and numerous stringent cost cutting measures already being made. We are facing permanent closure unless we take immediate action to weather this storm.

Please consider supporting our work. There is an opportunity to make a donation here.  Alternatively you can support us by signing up for one of our courses – online or live, or by buying our resources available from our shop.

There are so many people who are going to struggle over the coming months, so we don’t want to suggest that we are the only ones. Not at all. But what we do want to do is to continue to help people recover from adversity into the future. We would be so grateful for your understanding and support, so that we can support you and/or your clients for years to come.

With very many thanks

Carolyn, Andy & Luke